Bay & Bow Windows

baywindowBay & Bow Windows

Our Bay and Bow Windows are ideal for both Traditional and Victorian architecture while increasing the sense of openness in any room. These windows are a combination of Conservation Windows that reach out into the world and capture the view. Designed to be both beautiful and functional, our Bay and Bow Windows are the perfect addition to any home.


• 1″ Hardwood cabinet-grade veneer head and seat board available in select white birch, red oak, and maple.
• 3/4″ Eastern White Pine struts and end jambs.
• 1/4″ All threaded steel rods between the struts tie the head and seat board together for added strength.
• Low pressure polyurethane foam sealant between the struts.
• Available prefabricated hip roof systems.
• Available standing seam roof cladding.
• Available prefabricated insulated seat boards